The band’s original singer, Tim, played howling
crumhorn solos and, over time and alcohol, the word became further corrupted to crumplehorns 🙂


(keyboards and loops)

David’s music and art are grounded in post-punk and DIY ethics.

He creates instinctively in many media, including music, photomontage, photography and painting.

Both his song writing and visual art address personal struggles such as alienation, bipolar and loss, as well as wider environmental and social issues.

His varied musical influences include Captain Beefheart, English folk and African pop.



After a life in academia, Katie’s main pursuits are all creative whether that be in her work: providing movement and singing activities for people with dementia or her hobbies, all things singing! She is in 2 community choirs and the lead vocalist​ in the Crumplehorns, her first band!

As her path in life began to swerve she took up courses in digital music and performing arts at Scarborough College of Arts. Leading to an MA in Applied Theatre. Alongside her other degrees in sociology and social research.

She loves to dance. Taking a keen interest in 5 Rhythms dancing and Dances of Universal Peace. Also embracing the ‘hippy’ lifestyle in community camps with her ‘tribe’.

She winds down through yoga, meditation and jembe drumming.



Danni was formerly bassist with traditional Irish band Ishka. She is ardent about both 5 Rhythms and meditation.