“Already receiving plaudits from Rolling Stone Germany, Crumplehorns remain UK indie’s best kept secret”York Calling

“This is new wave as it is and as it should be”The Cutprice Jukebox

“Strike a claim for being the best British indie band since The Wedding Present”When The Gramophone Rings

“Stops you in your tracks like only your favourite bands can“When The Gramophone Rings

“The first song that they played had a hypnotic, pulsating feel to it, not unlike early ’70s Krautrock bands. The rest of set was a hard-hitting post-punk sound in the style of The Fall or Magazine, combining some louder distorted moments with more sombre, melodious passages to great effect.”Yorkshire Coast Gigs

“This is a beaut!"Fliss (The Nightingales)

“That b****** single of yours has been an earworm for a week"Eric (The Pop Pigs)

“In a time where indie music has really lost much of its former bite and become rather bland, generic and void of new ideas, the Crumplehorns are on a crusade to restore it to its former glories. They are putting some much needed verve into the genre – making it edgy, innovative, emotional and (most importantly) a little weird again. Welcome back to indie!!”Radio Wigwam

“Infectious track….an indie gem”Radio Kaos Caribou (referring to ‘Before and After Midnight’)

”Crumplehorns could have never found a better time to write a song like this!"Maethelyiah of The Danse Society (writing about ‘You’re Alright’)

Winner ‘Best Original Group’ and ‘Best Live Act’Yorkshire Coast Gigs 2014